Staff and Students

Current Members

Prof. Leore Grosman, Head of Computational Archaeology Laboratory

Prof. Uzy Smilansky, Founder, consultant 

Dr. Ortal Harush, (graduated 2021)

Dr. Francesco Valletta, (graduated 2021)

Antoine Muller, PhD student

Hadas Goldgeier, PhD student

Lena Dubinsky, PhD student

Talia Yashuv, M.A. student

Omri Ganchrow, B.A. student

Yoav Yoskovich, B.A. student

Michal Kapuller, B.A. student

Tamara Mkheidze,  M.A. student, lab manager

Tal Rosh, B.A student


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Marta Modolo

Dr. Gadi Herzlinger

Dr. Enora Gandon (2012-2014)


Visiting Graduate Students

XIA Wenting, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2019)

Roxanne Lebenzon, Anthropology Department, University of Connecticut

Annie Melton, Anthropology Department, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota

Shubham Rajak, Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute (Deemed University)


Former Staff

Ahiad Ovadia, former M.A. student (graduated 2016); currently the curator of Prehistoric Cultures at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Natanel Paz,  former M.A. student (graduated 2016).

Keren Nebenhaus, M.A. Student (graduated 2021)

Itamar Dag, programmer

Naama Glauber, programmer

Marcelo David, programmer

Daniel Brown, programmer




The laboratory team visiting tel azekah photo oded lipschits

Lab staff working at the timna valley project photo by Liron Narunsky